The Mighty Boosh Live at Wembley Arena


Obscenities fly across the arena as Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding and co take their brand of psychedelic comedy to London.

“Let’s knit it together like a dirty Shreddie!” declares Noel as he and Julian launch into another night of their ludicrous live tour.

From humble beginnings, The Mighty Boosh has taken its fans on a journey into the bizarre minds of Julian and Noel and their alter egos, Howard Moon and Vince Noir.

The first half of tonight’s show brings familiar characters to the stage, the Hitcher and crack fox to the grotesquely crude Bob Fossil.

Although wonderfully scripted, the best moments in tonight’s show are off the cuff, from Noel dressed as the tentacled head of Tony Harrison falling through an armchair, saved only by his chin, and Bollo (a man in a gorilla suit) falling over as he runs off stage pushing a giant globe.

With their obscure humour earning a cult following, The Mighty Boosh is fast becoming a British comedic institution. Where else will elbow tassels, a man riding a giant hairdryer and grannies singing about s**t fit together in such harmony?

The tour continues across the UK until 17th January 2009. For more information and tickets go to

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