Dream team: Making fiction a reality


While completing training for a leadership development programme I was challenged to come up with five characteristics I’d love to have on my dream team of followers. I pondered for some time and realised that my top character choices could be outworked in five fictitious heroes I’d grown up loving.

So, this is my dream team: 

Robin – Batman
This is the handy side kick, the sounding block. I work best if I have other people to bounce ideas off and feed off of. In my team I would have a Robin character who talks through ideas and problems with me. This person sees the potential in random suggestions. They can make the impossible seem probable and provide wisdom They would be the kind of person who can be left in charge. They could be developed into being a leader in their own right – in fact they could even be nearly there!

Robin helps to solve practical problems and issues. 

Jean Grey – X-men 
Jean is a multifaceted team member. She is mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend. She is the caring and nurturing figure of strength and stability. She is the prop supporting the team. She would talk easily with all other team members and encourage them. Jean sets the team mood and tone and is a major influencer. When team is tired, Jean encourages, coaching people through to the end. She pacifies in times of conflict and sees all sides. Jean is a connector and a multitasker.

Jean is the mother hen and helps to build the young and bridge any generation gap.

The Milky Bar Kid 
This character makes everyone happy. He always turns up at the right time with a smile on his face and something great to boost the team. An encourager like Jean Grey, the Milky Bar Kid is sanguine, a complete party person. He takes ownership of the team and all that they do. He is the social glue that keeps them united, the connector that brings people together and grows team.

The Milky Bar Kid is the young enthusiastic generation gap unifier with a sense of ownership and responsibility and yet a child like understanding and spirit.   

Lois Lane – Superman
Lois Lane lives by a “whatever it takes” attitude, working to see everything come to pass. She is determined and knows her mind. She shows submission, even though it can be a struggle because she is so strong-willed and strong-minded in working to achieve the collection vision of the team as well as her own individual goals. Lois Lane never has to be asked twice as is always ready for wherever and whatever is needed. Occasionally Lois has to be reminded to take a break!

Lois Lane is dependable. She may not be the best at time keeping but she makes up for it in determination to see the team achieve its goal.

Master Splinter – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Master Splinter is the wise sensei of the team. He has been there, done that, got the t-shirt but despite this, his is not wearied by past experiences. He shares wisdom in order to push the team forward quicker and see it grow in capacity. Master Splinter is loyal and fiercely committed to the fulfilment of the cause and remains calm in all situations. He defends the team from those with a critical spirit and brings correction out of love and compassion when it is necessary.

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