Progress Report: 29 Things To Do Before I’m 30

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There’s just over a week to go until my 30th. Where does the time go?! Seriously, I swear the Earth has decided to spin faster since I decided to do this. Anyway, I guess I’m about to hit the final straight of the challenge and well, it probably could be going better to be honest. But there are at least a few that can be updated/ticked off. Here we go!

1. Get that tattoo! (Or, considering timings and waiting lists, I think ‘book that tattoo appointment’ also counts in this case.) 
Ok, still trying to find a tattooist for this one. Any tips/recommendations are welcome.

2. See your favourite actor in one of the major plays of the season in London. (Ok that one’s cheating a bit but some of these should be easy, right? 😉 )
Less than eight days to go to this. I’m having to actively not think about it to avoid getting too excited 😉

3. On a night out, if you spot a hot guy boldly buy him a drink. (Because 30 is the age of fearless.)
Working on that night out thing….

4. Help the homeless
I can check this one off my list, although to be honest it’ll be something I try to keep doing. On this occasion I bought some breakfast for a lady who at least appeared to be homeless and asked me to buy her something to eat while I was picking up a breakfast snack for myself from the local bakery. We communicated in this weird broken German and I bought her something hot for breakfast. 

5. Prepare your lunch at home for a full week (because we all know how delicious the food at work is)
If taking leftover pizza to work counts, we can take the total number of successful packed lunch days up to 3!

6. Write that first chapter you’ve been thinking about. It doesn’t necessarily need to make a full book but just start with it..
Yep… still got to put fingers to keyboard!

7. Apply for a job that sounds like a real challenge
I’ve updated my portfolio, now to find somewhere to apply to.

8. Make out friends with a Bavarian. (’cause some of these should be easy. *giggles and runs*)
Er, yeah… slow progress on this one.

9. Adopt a kitty.
I’ve befriended a random colleague’s dog at the office, does that count?

10. Write a fan letter to One Direction.
Since they announced their planned hiatus, this is absolutely perfect. Copy of the letter coming soon.

11. Fund something ridiculous but cool on Kickstarter.
Not found the ridiculous Kickstarter project of my dreams yet…

12. Find a “Victorian Female Hobby” ™ and reclaim it. Cross stitching feminist slogans is a good start!
I’d forgotten about this one to be honest… *wanders off to Google*

13. Get drunk without getting a hangover. Believe me, it’s going to be the last time.
Yeah… I don’t really do the getting drunk or the having hangovers. I like to be in control too much

14. Sleep underneath the stars.
Technically I danced underneath the stars until sunrise and then slept out in the open in my sleeping bag between roughly 5.30am and 10am. So I think that counts…? 

15. Write a poem. When you’re over 30 and grown up, maybe people think you’re strange if you still write poems.
Ah yes… where did I leave my inner poet?

16. Kiss a stranger without any foreplay.
Uh huh.

17. Stagediving. Go for it.
I missed an opportunity to do this at MS Dockville last weekend sadly…. not sure if the opportunity will present itself again before the big 3-0.

18. Get up early and watch a sunrise somewhere beautiful
Or alternatively don’t go to bed right? I saw the sunrise at MS Dockville from the stroll back from the festival/showers after dancing all night.

19. Go to the top of a mountain and sit there contemplating the world.
Not done this one yet either…

And here’s two more I decided to add:

django_django20. Go to a music festival
So technically this was already planned before I started my list, but I went to MS Dockville in Hamburg last weekend. It was amazing. Great bands, great company and lots of dancing until sunrise.

21. Watch a meteor shower
The Perseid happened a few days after I started this challenge and as I’d never watched a meteor shower before I thought I should jump at the chance to watch it. OK, so I wasn’t organised enough to get out of the city but I saw a few meteors dashing across the sky from my 3rd floor balcony.

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