Hayley grew up in an area of the British countryside known as the Home Counties; an awkward part of England that’s too north to really be classed as the South and not quite in the middle enough to be part of the Midlands. (Near Milton Keynes if you really must know, a place famous for concrete cows and being in GCSE Geography textbooks.)

Time passed and in 2012 Hayley moved to Frankfurt am Main, Germany (despite not speaking a word of German). Having previously worked as a freelance writer and digital content creator she made her way to Ogilvy Frankfurt and after a stint of interning, became a Copywriter (English, natürlich) working predominantly on international clients.

Six years later, Hayley still works for Ogilvy Germany as a Copywriter, only now she’s based in Berlin. She leads ideation and conception work for global, European and local clients and happily partners with art directors, UX designers, account and project managers, strategists, creative directors, interns, etc – i.e., whoever is required to get the job done and create the best, most effective work for the client. She is responsible for two global FMCG clients, creating digital and mobile content and campaigns with the occasional app, chatbot, product development, TVC or OOH for good measure. (Oh and she now speaks B1 level German but sometimes the sentences sound a bit odd).

Rarely are two days ever the same. So, it’s a good job she likes that more than she enjoys writing awkwardly about herself in the third person.

When she’s not busy working on campaigns, concepts and content, she spends her time tinkering on side projects including this blog, learning to be a sound engineer, and recently, a new venture focused on women’s health. Watch this space!

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