Sneak-A-Peak Portfolio

I’m an English Copywriter based at Ogilvy, Berlin, creating predominantly digital, social and mobile content for global clients. Below you’ll find a few highlights of work I’ve created or you can take a closer look at my online portfolio.

In my time at Ogilvy I’ve been involved in everything from daily business to daring branding, pitches to projects, videos shot in South Africa to voiceovers in the basement, SEO eCommerce guides to worldwide 24-hour live broadcasts.

If you want to see more of my work, chat about my latest projects, or are interested in finding out more about me and what I can do, get in contact via my LinkedIn profile.


NESCAFÉ Global Campaigns

Good Morning World 2017
NESCAFÉ hit the streets with pop-up cafés launching all over the world for one day only. Consumers were invited to attend barista sessions to learn how to make a collection of unique coffee creations as well as simply enjoy time at the pop-up café. I developed the initial concept and worked on multiple assets and overview toolkit for local adaption, including a Facebook Messenger chatbot, PR content, and social media posts.

Good Morning World 2016
On International Coffee Day 2016, NESCAFÉ broadcast live for 24 hours on Facebook, YouTube and Periscope, in their largest and most ambitious global campaign to date. I developed the concept and worked on online ads, social media communications, production and coordination of the livestream on the day and round-up content afterwards.

NESCAFÉ Tumblr Website
Launched in Q3 2015, NESCAFÉ was the first global brand to take their consumer website to the platform. I updated the whole website content to bring it in line with the new brand TOV.
NESCAFÉ: “Switch to Tumblr was a success”.

Facebook Content for NESCAFÉ
Case movie created for NESCAFÉ showcasing our work on its global social media platforms in our first year and more than doubling NESCAFÉ’s fanbase.

The world’s first social alarm clock.

CLIENT: NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Global

In 2015 NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto launched a new limited edition in partnership with BMW Mini. I worked on the concept and copy for a promo video which includes a shorter 16 second cut. You can view the video here.

Before all the advertising I also worked for:

Glamour Magazine UK (freelance)
Family History Monthly Magazine (freelance)
Exposed Magazine, Sheffield (freelance)
Anya17, an opera about victims of human trafficking (freelance)
Adfero Content Creator (freelance)
Hope City Church (Online Editor)
BBC Norfolk (student)
NME (intern)

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