Life in Germany: Not all plain sailing

Since my last post some unexpected things have happened. Firstly I found myself jobless after nearly three weeks in the foreign country I have chosen to call home for the next year or so. Secondly, I was also potentially homeless. What happened? I hear five concerned voices ask as they read. I could, at this... Continue Reading →

Hello Germany, I’m here!

I made it. I actually made it. Four (quite long) days ago I stepped off a plane and made my way to the Arrivals lounge of Frankfurt International Airport. There I was greeted by three Germans, ready to welcome me into their family for the next three months. I type this in my new home... Continue Reading →

2012: Time For A Change

Over the last few months this blog has somewhat been lacking posts and for this I apologise. It is not because I have become slack at blogging. Far from it in fact. For the last few months I have found myself writing, editing and running blogs for others (most notably Anya 17¬†and Hope City Frankfurt).... Continue Reading →

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