The Trials of an Expat Voter #GE2015

In a few short hours, millions of people in the United Kingdom will be taking to the polls to (hopefully) decide who will be in charge of their country for the next five years. Except for perhaps some of the most astute political analysts, no one really knows what to expect tomorrow. Will Cameron be... Continue Reading →

A German New Year

With the first day of 2013 in its final hour (at least it is if you live on CET) it seems like the perfect time to share my experiences of my very first German New Year. After gathering at a flat in Frankfurt for drinks and nibbles, myself and four friends chose to brave the... Continue Reading →

Life in Germany: Not all plain sailing

Since my last post some unexpected things have happened. Firstly I found myself jobless after nearly three weeks in the foreign country I have chosen to call home for the next year or so. Secondly, I was also potentially homeless. What happened? I hear five concerned voices ask as they read. I could, at this... Continue Reading →

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