Somewhere Only We Know – Review

Somewhere Only We Know - ReviewThere's a saying that true friends leave a mark on your heart and stay with you forever. I believe the same can be said of great characters and a good book. With this latest offering, Lawless' presents a unique twist to the conventional romance novel, and enables her protagonists, Alex... Continue Reading →

Music Review: Sam Isaac – When The Lights Went Out About four years ago, in a dingy pub-cum-gig-venue in Norwich, England (called, if I remember correctly, The Queen Charlotte, located about five minutes from my then front door with a splendid line of Iced Strawberry Daiquiris at £3 per giant-sized pitcher), I saw Sam Isaac for the first time. Squished in between the bar... Continue Reading →

Music: Ones to watch in 2011

It's that time of year again; time for round ups, retrospective opinions and contemplative previews. As December draws to its wintery end and the world gears itself for a fresh batch of 365 days seen in with a decent amount of revelry here's some music to add to your NYE playlist of acts to watch... Continue Reading →

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