Album review: Tinie Tempah Disc-Overy

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Released 4th October 2010
What do Dysons, Mallorie Blackman, Scunthorpe and Simon Cowell have in common? Any ideas? No? I’ll tell you. They all feature in lyrics on Tinie Tempah‘s brand new album, Disc-Overy; his debut no less.
Instantly likeable from the first play, Tinie has created a monster of a major label debut which sucks you in from the moment you press play, pumps you full of adrenaline and leaves you wondering what just happened as closing track Let Go winds you down.
In 2001 a black 12 year old boy named Patrick Okogwu discovered UK garage unit So Solid Crew. Nine years later he’s better known as Tinie Tempah and is up for four Digital Music Awards including Best Newcomer. That’s more awards than singles he’s released.
Recorded in just 11 months in London and Sweden, it hardly seems possible that Disc-Overy is Tinie’s debut. Having firmly secured himself within the UK mainstream music scene with hits like Pass Out, Frisky and latest single Written In The Stars all in the space of the last year it’s hard to imagine the urban scene without Tinie.
The album quickly settles in with a sound that could easily become synonymous with Tinie’s urban style, rushing us through to his hit single Pass Out. But as track four, Illusion, and the following, Just A Little, slide you into an easy urban groove it’s clear that Disc-Overy is not 13 clones of Tinie’s early hits. The frantic pace of Pass Out falls away to embrace a more reflective mood that carries through the middle section of the album.
Having written most of the tracks after the phenomenal success of Pass Out, Disc-Overy takes you on a journey through Tinie’s childhood in South London as well as telling of the good, the bad and the downright ugly of the twenty-first century fame monster.
Featuring collaborations with Ellie Goulding and Kelly Rowland plus track production from dance producers of the moment, Swedish House Mafia, Tinie’s album has an impressive weight behind it that can only serve to help its success.
When a debut album doesn’t feel or sound like a debut you’ve got to be on to something great. Disc-Overy is set to launch Tinie into the future and secure his place in the urban scene on a worldwide scale.

The Mighty Boosh Live at Wembley Arena


Obscenities fly across the arena as Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding and co take their brand of psychedelic comedy to London.

“Let’s knit it together like a dirty Shreddie!” declares Noel as he and Julian launch into another night of their ludicrous live tour.

From humble beginnings, The Mighty Boosh has taken its fans on a journey into the bizarre minds of Julian and Noel and their alter egos, Howard Moon and Vince Noir.

The first half of tonight’s show brings familiar characters to the stage, the Hitcher and crack fox to the grotesquely crude Bob Fossil.

Although wonderfully scripted, the best moments in tonight’s show are off the cuff, from Noel dressed as the tentacled head of Tony Harrison falling through an armchair, saved only by his chin, and Bollo (a man in a gorilla suit) falling over as he runs off stage pushing a giant globe.

With their obscure humour earning a cult following, The Mighty Boosh is fast becoming a British comedic institution. Where else will elbow tassels, a man riding a giant hairdryer and grannies singing about s**t fit together in such harmony?

The tour continues across the UK until 17th January 2009. For more information and tickets go to