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Hello there,

Due to my shockingly infrequent posts, I suspect you have not been avidly checking my blog to see if there’s a new piece up. However, I am making some changes to that and hope to use the summer to start to build momentum towards a personal project that has been a dream of mine for years.

The dream? Launching an online magazine you seriously are going to WANT to read. Like, you are going to NEED it in your life. The idea is still in its embryonic stages but I decided it was finally time to start letting it grow!

For the moment, I intend for this blog to be a launchpad. It starts by me becoming more disciplined and writing waaaaaaay more regularly, hopefully about things you want to read. Even if it’s only little updates like this. And the plan is not just to write things you want to read, but to write things you want to share, to talk about, and comment on.

So along the way, you might notice the blog layout changing or new additions here and there – I’m in the process of creating my own personal domain for example. Anyway, I’m going to do my best to document these things as they move forward – or don’t as the case may be – both here and through my own social media (find me on Instagram or Twitter). I hope my journey to launching this crazy idea might inspire you to jump right into your own adventure and run like crazy with that thing you’ve always wanted to do but never quite got round to.

So yeah, here we go!

Until next time…

Somewhere Only We Know – Review

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Somewhere Only We Know – Review

There’s a saying that true friends leave a mark on your heart and stay with you forever. I believe the same can be said of great characters and a good book. With this latest offering, Lawless’ presents a unique twist to the conventional romance novel, and enables her protagonists, Alex and Nadia, to leave an indelible mark.

From the moment Nadia’s and Alex’s lives collide, I was captured by them and couldn’t put the book down. By the end, I felt I was a part of this group of friends and their London. (I want to go with Nadia and Alex to a night at Bodeans!)

Although the central story is about boy meets girl, there’s so much more to Somewhere Only We Know. Once again, Lawless has written a believable love story that isn’t just about the two central characters falling for each other; it is also about their friends and the challenges they have – because when you fall in love, everyone else’s drama is still going down. It is this, that, for me, makes her latest book so relatable and enjoyable.

I loved being part of the emotion and adventure – discovering London through the eyes of Alex and Nadia, and ticking off points on Nadia’s Bucket List; all the while experiencing the same moments of trepidation and anxiousness for Nadia’s impending deportation appeal. Lawless did an expert job of letting her characters get on with life and love, leaving you to forget the problems of the future until something bought it crashing back into the fore.

With summer fast approaching, this is a great holiday read to pop on your Kindle or e-reader and enjoy by the poolside. Go get it today!

Rating: 5/5

You can order it on Amazon  now!