Dream team: Making fiction a reality

While completing training for a leadership development programme I was challenged to come up with five characteristics I'd love to have on my dream team of followers. I pondered for some time and realised that my top character choices could be outworked in five fictitious heroes I'd grown up loving.So, this is my dream team: Robin... Continue Reading →

Africa, the internet and me

Everywhere you look the familiar block red speech mark surrounded by a white circle that is the Vodaphone logo greets you. Street traders selling the latest knock-off Nokia mobiles pitch next to a fruit stall and right by that is a ramshackle stand with t-shirts, shirts and dresses pouring out onto the roadside. If it... Continue Reading →

Learning to be a bridesmaid

Tonight I was asked a very important question by one of my longest, closest friends.She asked me to be her bridesmaid. I naturally squealed at her and said yes. After all I've been secretly habouring a desire for her to ask me ever since the over-excited 'phone call when she announced she was engaged. After... Continue Reading →

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