What would Jesus Tweet?

Everyone’s tweeting. Stephen Fry, Lily Allen, Downing Street and The White House. Even churches are tweeting in 140 characters or less.Celebrities use it, ordinary people use it, churches use it. Even the Church of England is on Twitter. What’s more, some churches are using Twitter to connect with people and inspire them before, during and... Continue Reading →

The real cost of recession

Nine years ago, 189 nations agreed to take action to reduce the number of people around the world living on less than 80p a day. But as the recession shows no signs of slowing down, what impact is the economic crisis having on the war on povertyDays before the G8 Summit met in July in... Continue Reading →

Purity Rings: Shoulda put a ring on it

There’s no denying it, sex sells. Which must be exactly what the makers of the new iPhone Purity Ring application were thinking when they launched it in July this year. But in a country that still manages to have the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe, are purity rings the answer?In 1995 Denny and Amy... Continue Reading →

Thank you Mr Speaker

This Saturday morning I was fortunate enough to gain a private audience with the recently elected Speaker of the Commons, John Bercow. He was, unsurprisingly, a very pleasant man.He arrived at the Bell Hotel in Winslow fresh from a coffee morning with the local Age Concern, ready to talk politics, tennis and David Bowie's ability... Continue Reading →

Incinerators: The Burning Debate

In April Bucks County Council was forced to reveal controversial plans to build a waste incinerator in the middle of rural Aylesbury Vale. As room runs out in our landfills, is burning waste for energy really the answer? For decades we have buried our household waste in landfill sites across the country, but EU legislation... Continue Reading →

Live Long And Prosper

Last night I embraced my inner geek and went to see Star Trek. I'm no Trekkie by any stretch of the imagination - my knowledge extends to Spock, Captain Kirk, William Shatner and being able to identify a Star Trek uniform by it's trademark block colour and the little upside-down V badge.I couldn't tell you... Continue Reading →

Whatever Happened to Freedom of Expression?

The school receptionist facing the sack for requesting prayerTelegraph -Receptionist faces sackDevonshire school receptionist, Jennie Cain, is waiting to find out whether school governors will let her keep her job after she sent an email to 10 of her closest church friends. Mrs Cain asked her friends to pray for her and her family and... Continue Reading →

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