Ich Mag Dich. Natürlich.

Client: Caro / Nestlé Germany
Work: Brand Relaunch
Role: Concept / Copy (English for translation to German)

Caro Landkaffee wanted to rebrand to reach a new target audience. The wanted to leave behind the “kids’ coffee at Oma’s house” and reach a new relevant set of health conscious, 20-35 year old women in the German market.

With my art director, I developed a concept for Caro’s relaunch that took their famous “Ich mag dich” (I like you) claim and gave it a new, updated spin for a Millennial audience.

The Concept

We developed a concept inspired by our target audience’s penchant for a healthy lifestyle balanced against the tension of their love of indulgent moments, loving themselves for who they are, and the simultaneous struggle to continually better themselves. To embody our new concept we updated the original Caro claim from Ich mag dich to Ich mag dich. Natürlich. (I like you. Naturally). The play on words combined the natural healthy lifestyle trend and that our target audience can (and should) accept themselves as they are.

The concept had a multi-phase approach, with various activation ideas across digital and packaging as well as longer-term platforms planned at strategic points. Caro Landkaffee bought the concept and during 2018 began the early stages of development and launch of the new brand positioning in Germany.

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